Wednesday, January 28, 2015

T-ara EunJung shares beautiful pictures with her Mother

Here are the latest updates from T-ara's EunJung who went on a date with her mother.

Check out their beautiful pictures below.

"Mom... You can turn a little to the side but... asking to have your picture taken and then [having] your lips this direction...your eyes that direction.. #MultiLacking.. #PicturesAreWhatRemainButIDon'tHaveAnyPictures..

"baekguu #puppy"

"He was lying on the carpet and sleeping when his eyes opened at the camera sound...but when you stare at me like this I..."

"His hair's gotten messy after rolling around♥ when you throw yourself at my mom's arms and stare at me like this then what do Let's take another picture next time when you're looking pretty-!"

"Monggeuli's's wriggling, I want to play with it"

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